A cornerstone of our work is a unique offering we call POV Management Consulting

Our POV Management consulting services

Point-of-View (POV) Management Consulting takes traditional management consulting to the next level by thinking more comprehensively about how specific recommendations impact our client's entire business ecosystem. Recognizing that many parties are often directly or indirectly affected by a single change in business operations, POV Management Consulting aims to understand and incorporate those parties' perspectives to maximize effectiveness, usability, and acceptance by all involved while successfully addressing the operational issues at hand.

Engagement style

Pragmatic is the best word to describe how Consuleris LLC operates with our clients. In our toolbox there are best practices and business theories, but at the end of the day, we strive to deliver the most practical of solutions. Having extensive experience both from working in companies like those of our clients as well as from working as outside consultants, we understand that our clients need to be able to implement and live with the recommendations we make. Considerations of administrative and operational challenges around implementation or change, as well as the implications to all parties who are involved in them, are always factored into our deliverables.

Experts in listening & Observing

Interviews and direct observation are key to understanding the visible, as well as not-so-obvious, elements of your business operations. To achieve clarity, we will be attentive to how things are communicated while listening to the content of what is said. As an outside observer, we will also identify interpersonal dynamics that can often be critical in understanding why processes and projects are successful or not.

Data collection and analysis are used to complement the interview/observation process. This gives us a full picture of qualitative and quantitive information to work from.

Network of knowledge

In addition to our own resources, we have an extensive network of partners and affiliates who provide expertise to complement ours. For clients needing to initiate services in areas like Marketing, IT services, Finance, and others, we can coordinate such resources as a “general contractor” on projects, or simply make qualified referrals – whatever is most effective for the client’s situation.