About us

Founded in 2009 in San Francisco, Consuleris LLC has operated in Washington, DC, Cincinnati, and now Columbus, Ohio. We work for clients across the country in numerous industries, including technology, biopharma, financial services, consumer goods, retail, and entertainment.

For established businesses, we provide traditional management consulting services to supplement or temporarily fill in for existing resources in those companies.

For startup clients, we offer a unique service analogous to a construction General Contractor, except ours is for key business administrative areas. Instead of plumbers and electricians, we manage software implementations, marketing firms, and finding the right office spaces. In this capacity, we coordinate client projects through a combination of our own management consulting expertise and acting as a connector to complementary small business expertise via our network of trusted affiliates.

For the do-it-yourself entrepreneur, we created StartBlox, a software version of our startup service. The app guides you through the entire startup process at your own pace, covering everything from business planning and financing to setting up your office location and hiring employees. The app also connects you to regulatory agencies and vendors you will need to help you along the way.

Brian Browning, Founder & CEO

Brian has spent over 20 years observing thousands of different business interactions that occur within companies among its employees, managers, executives, boards of directors – and also externally with its suppliers, customers, creditors, and community. Benefiting from this diverse library of operational data gathered from dozens of organizations across numerous industries, he founded Consuleris LLC to share people and operations management best practices with evolving businesses.

Prior to founding the firm, Brian held leadership roles advising on pay and performance matters in several Fortune 500 companies, having earlier had extensive experience in consulting and market research. He holds an engineering degree from MIT, where observation, data collection, analysis, and solution-orientation were first introduced into his thought process. Today, those elements remain paramount in delivering his consulting expertise to his clients. Brian's LinkedIn profile