Business Data

You know how your business is doing overall… but
how about its different component operations?

Can you quantify whether your operations are efficient and
effective, beyond looking at basic accounting figures?

Do you feel confident that your employees are performing
optimally to make your business its most successful?

The most common measures of business - revenues, expenses, inventories, number of customers, etc. — only provide a surface picture of your success over the past. You may have a general sense of what operational areas contributed to those results, but do you want a deeper understanding of why & how your operations contributed the way they did? And what of planning for the future? Are there areas within your operations that could improve if you looked more closely at them and monitored them over time?

Consuleris can help you answer all these questions. We are experts in identifying key areas on which to measure and communicate operations performance, which can lead to improved business results overall. Here is how we advise clients to enhance the picture of their operations:


Identifying the most relevant metrics for your particular business and operating environment


Establishing channels and methods to get the data you need to evaluate those metrics


Developing tools to present results on an ongoing basis (e.g. reports and "dashboards")


Implementing analytics, particularly around evaluation of trends and planning

With quantifiable data on how your business is running over time, you will be better equipped to make decisions now and plan for the future.

With quantitative information, you will also be able to remove some subjectivity in evaluating your employees' performance. Clear, measurable goals will always be more motivational than ambiguous ones or none at all. And having real data allows you to "de-personalize" conversations, making them about the business and not about employee personality or subjective assessments.