Implementing Change

Many people are averse to change, especially in the work environment. Familiarity and routine are usually comfortable; newness and the unknown can be stressful to think about. But doing the right thing for your business often means making decisions to operate differently from what you have done in the past. Change does not have to scary or painful, and this is where Consuleris can help.

With an understanding of your business and the people who support you, we can help you manage through many types of operational, process, or organizational changes. Our goal is to help you plan for the change, gain buy-in and acceptance from your people, and have the change become a successful, integral part of your business.

Planning for Change

  • Pinpoint what needs to change
  • Build a strong business case for making a change
  • Identify the stakeholders
  • Create a roadmap with action plan

Gaining Buy-in

  • Identify a team who can champion the change
  • Get commitments to make the change successful
  • Garner support from key stakeholders
  • Lead by example, engage early adopters


  • Clearly communicate vision for change
  • Communicate with frequent, targeted messages
  • Address concerns and anxieties
  • Make stakeholders feel a part of the process

Training & Support

  • Put in place training and coaching resources
  • Create observation and listening feedback channels
  • Address issues promptly, remove barriers
  • Create early-on successes and reward them

Making it the New Norm

  • Publicize progress/improvements made since the change
  • Recognize and reward successful adoption of the change
  • Keep feedback channels open and support in place
  • Anchor continuous improvement into company culture