Managing Your People

Setting Direction | Hiring talent | Goals & alignment | Measuring performance | Giving feedback | Pay & incentives

Common wisdom is that your PEOPLE are the most important resource you have in your business. As cliché as it sounds, it is absolutely true. The quality of your products or services; how well your business is marketed and advertised; how many sales you have; how your vendors are managed; etc. are all dependent on your people doing their jobs properly. Once your business has grown out of its early infancy stage, your reputation and success become dependent on the complex inter-workings of many people together.

That is why having the right strategy… with the right jobs you need… with the right people in them… with the right tools & information… and the right support… can make or break a business as it grows and develops.

Know where your business is going

Having a strategic plan is critical before you put an operational/tactical plan in place. A clearly articulated direction sets the foundation for all other business decisions, and gets your people oriented in the same direction. With a high-level vision guiding lower-level tactical direction, you can then determine which functions and processes you will move your business forward. Clear job definition for running those processes, in turn, will allow you to hire the right people and keep them on track for success. Our Operations Assessment can help with any of the steps in this crucial early stage.

Hire for success

With clear job responsibilities you can recruit the right talent to fill open positions. Getting someone in the door is only half the battle, though. Proper introduction and acclimation to your business ("onboarding") has been shown to be as important as whom you hire. Read more about this and how we can help introduce talent into your organization through our HireAffinity service.

Set clear goals, measure objectively

As companies grow, it is not uncommon for employees to assume responsibilities on top of the job for which they were hired. Some employees even end up in completely different roles from when they were originally hired. Are your employees' talents still aligned with their jobs? Are they what you need for your business to go forward? Are you able to quantify what success looks like for key jobs? For your overall operations?? Let us help you answer these questions and establish solid Business Data that can help you monitor and steer your operations in the right direction.

Provide ongoing feedback

As important as having the right objectives and measurements in place for you business is delivering feedback to your employees on the results. Commonly referred to as performance management, having meaningful, regular interactions with your employees about their successes - or areas for improvement - is one of the most effective tools in creating a productive and efficient operating environment. Clear expectations and ongoing, objective feedback have also been shown to increase job satisfaction and morale. Coaching our clients on how to be good coaches themselves has become a foundation in our POV consulting model.

Motivate, reward performance

In addition to creating job clarity and a good feedback mechanism, there are several other tools that can be used to motivate and reward employee performance. Setting appropriate base salaries, creating bonuses or incentive plans, having attractive benefits & work-life balance, and establishing careers ladders (titles, levels/promotion opportunities, etc.) can all be effective in getting the most from your employees. Consuleris is a recognized expert in implementing all of these tools that can help maximize productivity and retain your talent.

Adjust as needed

Having a process like steps 1 through 5 may be a big cultural change for your business. Some people accept change if they understand the reasons behind it; many are naturally averse to change. In doing what is right for your business, that does not mean it needs to be a painful experience for your employees to accept it. This is where having Consuleris as a coach and partner in Implementing Change can improve the potential for success. Let us help you figure out which parts of this process need review in your business and how to best implement any changes.