Operations Assessment

Having a fresh pair of eyes on your business can be valuable in validating how your operations are running. A third-party perspective can also be crucial in identifying inefficient or ineffective operational areas of which you may not have even been aware. In either case, Consuleris will utilize our proven investigation process to evaluate your business processes, operating systems, and people structures against best practices in the market. Our deliverables range from simple audit-like reports to fully actionable assessments with recommendations that balance your business needs/strategy, cost, time, and perspectives of all people who may be involved.

Vision & Strategy

Do you have a clear vision of where you want your business to go in the future? Did you frame a strategy for achieving that vision? And do people supporting you know both? Having a roadmap for your company and your work environment are two proven keys for success. We can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your current strategy and how well it is being communicated to your people; we can also help devise a new operating vision and strategy from scratch if you do not have one, or if the current one has become outdated.

Operating Plan

With a vision for your business and strategic direction to set you on the path you desire, the next step is having an effective operating plan. Do you have one? How is it working for you? An operating plan should high-level tactical direction that will support your business moving forward by setting objectives, identifying key resources, and providing feedback mechanisms to monitor how business is progressing over time. Consuleris can help you assess whether your current plan is meeting your business needs while following your strategy. For those without an operating plan, we can focus our goals-based approach and quantitative expertise to help you create one suited for your future.

Business Systems

Do you have the right systems infrastructure to support your current operations? If want to grow, do you have the right foundations to build on? Consuleris and our partners can audit your IT, finance/accounting, and HR systems to determine whether they are right for your business (present & future), and where you may be exposed to risk. We can recommend hardware, software, or web tools that best support your operations while considering the skills of the people who will be using them, as well as estimating cost/ROI to implement.


Does it seem like requests you make often take too long to complete? Or do projects steamroll through without any sense of process, appropriate inputs, or checks & balances? We are experts at identifying the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes, particularly at the intersection with the people who are involved in them. We can help identify bottlenecks, breakdowns, and gaps related to workflow and communication that may be impeding your success. Finding these areas can reduce time or cost, and even improve the work environment for your employees.


Do you have the right people working for you? Do you even have the right jobs to support your business in the first place? Do you have employee relations issues, or is your culture not where you want it to be? Combining a clear vision, strategy, and operating plan with the right jobs and right people in them will create the best recipe for your success. Our expertise in human resources can help you navigate all facets of effectively managing your people.