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Start with the right foundations

For Founder Teams & Soloprepeneurs

Spending time and energy up front to have business foundations that will pay back in multiples of saved time and energy in the future,
i.e. being proactive now rather than reactive later.

Startup Results



Make the next big moves

For Small Businesses

Building on solid foundations to position the business for future growth or expansion



Tweak and Adjust for Peak Performance

For Anyone

Knowing that better performance is possible, identifying internal dysfunctions or root issues inhibiting success

Problems Solved

See how we've delivered solutions to several unique challenges

Process & Consulting FAQs

Point-of-View (POV) Management Consulting takes traditional management consulting to the next level by thinking more comprehensively about how specific recommendations impact our client’s entire business ecosystem.

Recognizing that many parties are often directly or indirectly affected by a single change in business operations, POV Management Consulting aims to understand and incorporate those parties’ perspectives to maximize effectiveness, usability, and acceptance by all involved while successfully addressing the operational issues at hand.

From helping improve overall company culture, to implementing specific software to run a small part of the business, we aim to make clients’ engines run better. Talent and the tools they use usually work hand-in-hand in making success, and here are some key ways we bring improvement:

  • Corporate and people strategy
  • Job and organization design
  • KPI determination and performance management
  • Rewards, with expertise in compensation programs
  • Business analysis, software selection & implementation
  • Culture and workplace matters
Yes.  The following functional areas are outside of our wheelhouse and probably better served by another consultant:
  • Supply chain
  • Product design
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution

And though we may know a thing or two about most other business functions, we’re not an outsourcing solution.  In other words, while we can help with, say, a finance or marketing project, we won’t do your books or run campaigns for you.

Interviews and direct observation are key to understanding the visible, as well as not-so-obvious, elements of your business operations. To achieve clarity, we’ll be attentive to how things are communicated while listening to the content of what is said.

As an outside observer, we’ll also identify interpersonal dynamics that can often be critical in understanding why processes and projects are successful or not.

Data collection and analysis are used to complement the interview/observation process. This gives us a full picture of qualitative and quantitive information to work from.

It depends on the subject matter.  In addition to our own resources, we have an extensive network of partners and affiliates who provide expertise to complement ours.

For clients needing to initiate services in areas like Marketing, IT services, Finance, and others, we can coordinate such resources as a “general contractor” on projects, or simply make qualified referrals – whatever is most effective for the client’s situation.

Being open-minded is really the best attribute any client can have.  Open to possibilities, open to new ideas, open to feedback.   If you’re a founder or business leader who cares not only about top- and bottom-line results, but also how those results get achieved, we’re going to work well together.

We strive to make our clients happy

So, let's be happy together