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We Have Several Business Consulting Areas of Expertise

What Can We Do For You?

Company Strategy

We focus on the people + systems that together will enable your business to thrive and create a healthy work culture

Management Coaching

Brian is a trusted advisor to senior executives and founders on organization design, performance, and company culture

Software Solutions

We can help select & implement software for office apps, team productivity, and customer relationship management (CRM)

Talent Acquisition

From understanding what roles you need to creating job descriptions and coaching hiring managers, we're your hiring coach

Pay and Rewards

We design effective base, incentive, and executive pay programs along with other rewards to attract and motivate talent

General Troubleshooting

If you know something is not working well, but don't know why, we can interview and investigate with a fresh outside perspective


We bring unique perspective to Your business challenges

Our Goal is to Provide Solutions for Operating More Effectively & Efficiently

Through our Point-of-View Management Consulting process, we’re able to solve the immediate operational issues, as well as anticipate and plan for potential impacts to other people or systems

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